Since January 2011 : Consultant - Extreme Sensio / Sensio Labs - Paris, France

I have different type of missions, working directly with the customers :

  • Team support & Trainings (Symfony2, PHPUnit, Git)
  • Audit & Consulting (Quality, Security, Scalability)
  • Software architecturing & development
July 2009 - January 2011 : Web developer - Extreme Sensio / Sensio Labs - Paris, France

I worked on different types of projects with an excellent project team management :

  • Content/E-commerce websites for popular brands (symfony, Magento)
  • Frontend engineering (Javascript, Flash, HTML, CSS)

And also on more complex projects :

  • Many projects with web services & exchanges
  • Continuous integration, quality insurance
October 2007 - July 2009 : Web developer for Wokine - Lille, France

I developed and worked on (about) 30 different websites :

  • E-commerce (Magento, OsCommerce)
  • CMS (CMS Made Simple, Wordpress)
  • Custom development (symfony)

I was also responsible of some technical tasks, to assist my boss :

  • Administration of servers (development, production)
  • Extra (ASP support, Recruiting)


PHP Frameworks (Symfony2, symfony, Zend)
Continuous Integration (Automation, Tests, Doc)
Versioning & Ticketing (Git, SVN, Trac, Redmine, Github)
Web server (Linux, Windows)
Apache/PHP/MySQL (Configuration, production)
Bash/Linux (Vim, scripting, crontab/services)
Web skills
Frontend engineering (XHTML, CSS, Javascript)
Ergonomy (Navigation, User "point of view")
Graphic execution
Confortable with Photoshop and Flash, basics for Illustrator


2006 - Licence Informatique - GMI
System programmation, Advanced databases, Algorithms, Enterprise organization & communication, project management. Internship at Reshape Music.
2005 - DEUG MIMP
Mathematics, Logic, Statistics, Physics, Graph Theory, Language Theory, Unix, Architecture, Databases, Web.


2011 - PHP Selenium Library

I created a very simple library for communicating with a Selenium server. More details on the Github page.

2011 - This website

I spent about 1 year to develop on my free time this website. I started it on August 2010 (PR3) and released it on August 2011. This website uses latest technologies and is available on Github.

2010 - Admoove & 23dees

I developed thoses websites with symfony 1.4. I've applied the best practises of the symfony world to those projects, for personal training and experimentation.

2009 - Only Talent Productions & Dyssidence

Mathieu Schatzler created the design, managed the project. I only developed the websites using a popular CMS solution.