Books I've read

During the year 2012

The Lean Startup - Eric Ries

This book is about how to manage a project, when lot of factors are unknown. You need to define your hypothesis, create a minimal viable product as soon as possible to confirm your hypothesis.

I really appreciated reading this book. It's the kind of book who changes the way you work.

Information Architecture

This book was published in 1998 originally, I bought it 3 or 4 years ago. The content of this book is now
the field of UX, editorial, and architecture.

This book is very interesting, because it explains some good keys for approaching architecture subjects
like how to organize some benchmarking, how to interview stakeholders and users.

Release It

Developing a website is very easy and very common now. Managing exploitation of the application in
production is another problem.

This book talks about problems we usually meet when we move our application to production :
stability, capacity, transparency, and many more subjects concerning production exploitation.

During the year 2011

Why We Lie

Why We Lie starts with origins or Lying. It explains the biological origins of lying and deception.

After it, it comes to us, humans. Why do we lie, how do we lie in everyday life. It has some interesting facts in this

After this part, it comes to his very personal theory (Social Poker). I lost interest for the book at this very moment.

The Design Of Everyday Things

This book talks about design of things we meet everydays: doors, switches, machines, etc.
It's talking about affordance of it and principles of design: actions, feedback, error tolerance
and explicit instructions.

It also explains thinking, organization of actions and some common mistakes we make.

A must-read if you are designer of in a way sensible to it.

Rework - 37signals

A book with lot of small tips for small companies. 37signals is a company located everywhere in the
world. The reason is simple: they don't limit recruiting to 1 city, otherwise they would have missed
a lot of working opportunities.

So they decided to spread teams all around the world, and to find an adapted organization.

This book is the recipe of their team, their vision for building great products and great company.

L'open-space m'a tuer

A french book talking about bad organization in some companies, telling the story of people living it.

It was a very short story, since I read the book in 4 hours. This book is complaining a lot about some
facts, telling the story of some guys, without giving any tip for going out of it.

I would not recommend it.

Anything you want - Derek Sivers

A great book by Derek Sivers talking about his success story. Derek Sivers created his small company
for him and some friends about 10 years ago. It was a modest company, but without noticing it, his
company became very popular.

He always kept a very simple approach in his job, without searching any business carreer. This book is
the story of it, explaining how he reached 80 employees in his company.

Derek is a very friendly guy, I do recommend this book. It's also very fast to read (2 hours).

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

A book talking about memory organization, how do we think and learn and how to improve memory organization.


A book talking about how to manage people.

During the year 2010

Doctrine - The Reference

This book was for me the best way to understand and learn Doctrine1.

Don't make me think

The very basics of design principles. It's an illustrated book that can be read in less than 4 hours.

This book will explain you how people come to your website, what they are looking for, how they will
navigate through it.

It's a very accessible book, you definitively should read it.

During the year 2009

Pro Git - Scott Chacon

Probably the best book concerning Git, going from fundamentals to the most advanced parts.

The Pragmatic Programmer

Some kind of Bible every developer should read before claiming he is a developer.

Weaving the Web

The history of Internet, related by the creator of Internet.