PHP Tour Lille 2011

On november 24th, it was PHP Tour in Lille. It was the first time I was speaker in a conference.

I had a great moment during those 2 days and met a lot of friendly people during the event. I hope to have other opportunities of speaking at conferences.

Magento - Intégration continue, tests et automatisation

Title slide from the presentation about Magento

And finally, a presentation talking about Magento and best practices in a Magento project.

In first part, presentation is about developing in Magento, how to approach the critical question of resources. It talks about great resources in Magento, and being critical about informations we find.

The second part is a technical part with concrete examples available on Github. It explains how to automatically install the project, setup fixtures and automated tests in the project.

During the conference, every sample code was live demonstrated.

Like one guy said at the end of the presentation: all informations in this presentation is not only appliable to Magento, but also to any project.

Slides are available on speakerdeck (french slides) and code is on Github (see branches).

Mocks, Stubs, Tests

The other presentation was mainly prepared by Marc Weistroff who could not attend the conference. So I replaced him for the presentation.

  • Tests: why we create tests, meaning of tests
  • Code coverage: bad indicator, how to interpret
  • Design: how to create clean code
  • Mocks, Stubs: the PHPUnit API

Slides are on speakerdeck