Blog Opening

After 1 year of development, after 15 versions of Symfony2, the site is ready !

A new website

This blog is part of the new version of the site and contains 2 new categories : Blog & CV.

All the website sourcecode is available on Github, so if you want to change something, make a pull-request !

The old version is still available on

A new blog

This blog will be mostly technical. It won't be dedicated to Symfony2/PHP, it will also talk of versioning a project, general concepts, IT stuff, etc.

For the opening, 2 fresh articles are available :

I still have 10 posts in my pool, I have no precise idea of the rythm for the posts. If you want to keep in touch, you have 2 solutions :

Enjoy !

guiguiboy July 10, 2011

I'm glad you created a technical blog since you have great development skills. I'm looking forward to read your posts.