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Rewrite CSS URLs to a public directory with Assetic
Explains how to copy images and fonts to a public directory using Assetic and AlexAsseticExtraBundle. CSS URLs will be rewritten to target a public folder where images will be copied
Secure actions on your website with Symfony2 and CSRF
How to make use POST method with CSRF token for simple actions like deleting a comment, or a simple-click action.
Symfony2 and Performances - sfPot
Presentation made at sfPot in Paris, on October 8th, 2012, explaining how to optimize Symfony2 to get better performances in an application.
SublimeText 2 - Insert PHP namespaces
SublimeText 2 package created for inserting PHP namespace when editing a PHP file.
Test your commands in Symfony2
How to test console commands in Symfony2 with functional tests. Provides an extension of Symfony2 web test case, dedicaced for commands.

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